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This 3ATI Display Head Assembly is for use in airborne 3ati instruments. It contains a 2.4 x 2.4 inch LCD, AR protective glass, LED backlight, heater & frame designed for harsh environments by utilizing IDC’s Extreme View Technologies.

 •  High luminance
•  Wide viewing angle
•  High contrast
•  6-bit digital RGB signals
•  Extended temperature range
•  Full sunlight readability
Display Area 60.48 mm( w) x 60.48 mm(h) [2.38 in (w) x 2.38 in (h)]
Diagonal Size of Display 85.53 mm [3.37 in]
Drive System a-Si TFT Active Matrix
Display Color 262,144 colors     (6 bits)
Pixel Resolution 480 (H) x 480 (V)
Pixel Pitch 0.1260 (w) x 0.1260 (h)   mm   (200 pixels per inch)
Sub-Pixel Resolution 1,440 (H) x 480 (V)
Pixel Configuration R G B Stripe   (Red,   Green, Blue stripe)
Dot Pitch 0.0420 (w) x 0.1260 (h)   mm
Glass module size 67.42 ± 0.3 (w) x   69.12 ± 0.3 (h) x   1.87 ± 0.19 (d)
Short term temperature exposure (30 minutes) -55oC to + 85oC
Non-operating temperature -55oC to + 85oC
Long term (5 year) storage temperature within the customer display unit -55oC to + 85oC
Altitude -4,000 to + 70,000 (ft)
Clearing point 100oC
Heater (12V) Full on:             11W, +/-1V, 100mV P-P
Backlight (12V) 1000 cd/m2:   +/-1V, 100mV P-P
Power Consumption (At maximum luminance,   checkered flag pattern) 6 W (typical), 1000 cd/m2, no heater
Diffuse reflectivity Diffuse, 0.1%, Specular 1%
Color gamut 43% (typical) [At LCD panel center against NTSC color space, specification applies to % of triangular area against NTSC color space]
Backlight A white LED backlight with a maximum of 1000 nit output through LCD
Design viewing direction Without image reversal-Up side (12 o’clock)
At DPSR: normal scan With contrast peak-Down side 5º to 10º (6 o’clock)
With optimum grayscale (y = 2.2) Normal axis
Contrast ratio –At center of   display 300 (typ)
Luminance 1000 nit (typ)