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Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is the process of using an optically clear adhesive to attach a cover lens or a touch panel to the front face of an AMLCD.  This type of enhancement helps improve the optical, mechanical, and thermal performance of the display solution outdoors.

IDC maintains the capability to optically bond in-house with a 100% automated process.  IDC is the only US-based company to offer a fully robotic optical bonding solution.

  • 100% automated process for high accuracy and consistency.
  • In-line vacuum test for bond seal.
  • Capability to bond between 1” and 60” AMLCDs.
  • Multiple adhesive configurations depending upon performance/environmental requirements.
  • Adjustable bond line thicknesses.
  • Ability to tile multiple displays together with one cover glass.
  • Reworkable process to limit yield loss and provide service/repair options.
  • In-House equipment and testing.
  • Increases sunlight readability by eliminating internal surface reflections.
  • Enhances shock/vibe performance of the AMLCD.
  • Provides thermal heat sink for AMLCD.
  • Eliminates condensation and dust risks with air gap designs.