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Engineering and Design Services

Full Environmental Operation

We regularly work with LCD’s capable of operating in extreme hot/cold temperatures. We also have the engineering capabilities to make customized solutions that allow industrial LCD displays to operate in temperatures beyond what it was meant to handle.

Sunlight readable

High brightness displays along with optical bonding allow the display to be viewable in the sunlight. We can also add anti-reflective and anti-glare glass for improved capabilities.

High performance backlights

Capabilities to add high brightness to displays that are not normally high brightness to add capability of viewing in bright outdoor ambient lighting conditions.

Optical Bonding

In house fully robotic optical bonding capabilities.

Benefits of Optical Bonding Include:

  • More durability and better impact resistance.
  • Better clarity.
  • Capabilities to withstand elements.
  • Eliminates possibility of dust and moisture to get between cover glass and display.
  • Better visibility in sunlight.
  • More capable of withstanding harsh temperatures.
  • Touch Screens – Capabilities to add touchscreen functionality to displays. We can also add touch screen functionality for displays in outdoor environments.

Night Vision Readable

Capabilities to make displays viewable with night vision goggles on or night vision cameras.

Rugged Enclosures

We have the capabilities to design custom and rugged enclosures for almost any application such as aerospace, marine, medical, industrial, military and much more.